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Dr. Martin Luther King Middle School Library Media Center

Information Literacy Skills

Finding, interpreting, judging, and creating information

* Collect, record, and verify data


* Access information to be informed and inform others


* Create references and citations and construct a bibliography according to recognized conventions


* Make connections between various sources of information


* Understand the benefits and limitations of personal sensory learning preferences when accessing, processing, and recalling information


* Use memory techniques to develop long term memory


* Present information in a variety of formats and platforms


* Collect and analyze data identify solutions and make informed decisions


* Process data and report results


* Evaluate and select information sources and digital tools based on their appropriateness to specific tasks


* Understand and use technology systems


* Use critical literacy skills to analyze and interpret media communications


* Understand and implement intellectual property rights


* Create references and citations, use footnotes/endnotes and construct a bibliography according to recognized conventions


* Identify primary and secondary sources