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Dr. Martin Luther King Middle School Library Media Center

Passwords to ALL MCPS database resourse



Our password list is only accessible to students and staff. Nuestra lista de contraseñas solo es accesible para los estudiantes y el personal.
Parents and Caregivers: Please contact Mrs. Feriano to gain access. 
Padres y cuidadores: comuníquese con Sra. Feriano para acceder




What you need and What I can provide to you: Spreadsheet.


A subject searchable database of ALL of the Proposed and Passed Bills in our Current Congress.

You may also search past proposed bills by congress person, topic and type

What is Public Policy?

To better understand the terms of policy and legislation.  This site gives an easy to understand definition.

Information Videos that are worthy of B-Rolls that explain the different roles of the:

  • Constitution
  • Branches of Government
  • Supreme Court
  • Bill of Rights and other Amendments

Learn of judgements, opinions, laws and other significant rulings on your topics

Everyone has basic rights under the U.S. Constitution and civil rights laws. Learn more here about what your rights are, how to exercise them, and what to do when your rights are violated.  Some topics include

  • National Security
  • Voting Rights
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Women's Rights
  • Privacy and Technology
  • Healthcare and Reproductive Rights

Search the entirety of the Library of Congress Collection including:

  • Videos
  • Primary source: News papers
  • Legislation
  • Periodicals
  • Digital Collection --Videos
  • Photos
  • Audio Recordings

Natural Resources Conservation Service


Laws & Guidance

Legislation, regulations, guidance, and other policy documents can be found here for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), and other topics.

Wildlife Conservation




  This Resource require a Public Library Card number



CSPAN StudentCAM Website


Creating background knowledge about your issue.

Capture Sheet for Steps 1-3